Anderson Sharug

Up and coming blacksmith in New Canton


Anderson Sharug is a new blacksmith in New Canton. So far, he’s small enough that he’s been able to fly under the radar of Archon and his lackeys and isn’t paying any collections fess that we know of. Semael was able to negotiate a deal with Anders (as he is known by his closest friends) in which the party would offer all equipment to him first, and would buy from him first. In exchange, Anders would pay 10% more for items he is purchasing and discount his prices by 10% for Semael, Neh-tohon, and Balint. If Anders isn’t interested in the item, or doesn’t have items the party needs, then the part is free to go elsewhere in that instance. The deal is in force until the party leaves New Canton for good.

After the party successfully protected Judge Judith during an attempt on her life, Ruby informed them that Anderson Sharug was kidnapped. Anders was returned to his shop after some beating by Constable Harken’s thugs, but not until they had cut his tongue out. Ruby gave him an amulet that apparently allows him to communicate telepathically with others.

Anderson Sharug

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