Character traits: • He hates, despises, distrusts, and loathes elves. • Right below his hatred of elves is his mistrust of religion. Neh-tohon professes no faith and believes that nothing good can come out of religion. • His youth and life experience have taught him to see things in very black and white terms. Life is simple; people are either good or bad. There is no complexity in the world; there is only justice and injustice. This paradigm has also influenced his views of laws and governments in general. • He will go out of his free a slave, even if they are a different race. • He doesn’t talk about his own slave past. • Physically, he looks many other razorclaw shifters except like most in his clan his coloration is more lynx like then tiger like. Also he has scars from his lashings on his back, his monastic tattoo on his left arm, and elven rune to signify his slave owner on his right forearm. He keeps the slave rune always rapped and covered. Lastly, he wears a cloak along to reduce his visibility. • Neh-tohon likes to observe people and take his time before attacking. He learned as a slave being watchful and patient brought greater rewards that being bold and forceful. • Neh-tohon is lean but strong.

Current and future character motivations: • Find and interrogate the crime-lord to discover what happened to his parents. • Find his parents if they are still alive. • If possible, get revenge on the elves and the slavers. • Free more slaves.


Neh-tohon is a razorclaw-shifter monk. As the son of the Chieftain of the Crescent Spires shifter clan he was suppose to become a great hunter and leader of his people. All of this changed when his clan along with a number of other clans left the mountain ranges and plains of the south to head north. A mysterious pestilence forced the clans north. They hoped to find new hunting and safety in the Amber Vale and Silver Spine mountain range.

Unfortunately, the clans weren’t welcomed by elven Kingdom of Thornreld even though the shifters hunted outside of their borders and didn’t harm the elves. Led by their religious hierarchy, the elves persecuted the shifters for not observing their sacrificial rights by giving a portion of their hunt to elves’ god, and because the clans refused to pay taxes to the ruling class. In addition, this particular eleven kingdom isolated themselves from most other races and tended to persecute most non-elven races.

Problems increased when a two year blight decimated the elves’ crops. Their priests claimed that their deity required the shifters to pay for their sacrilege. The elves conspired with a group of slaver mercenaries to capture the shifters and sell them as slaves in and out of the Thornreld kingdom. Neh-tohon and his parents were captured by the crime-lord and separated. He was sold to elven mine company and the crime-lord took his parents south.

As a young slave he was whipped, beaten, and branded with the elven rune of his master’s family. Neh-tohon quickly learned that the more he hid in the crowd or in the mine the less pain he would experience. Staying out of sight became his number one survival technique. During his eight years as a slave he was also mentored by a human monk named Dolterall. He was falsely accused of murdering an constable of elven border town and was captured and made a slave. As Neh-tohon’s mentor, Dolterll taught him how to deal with the physical pain how to defend himself against other slaves using psionic powers.

Master and pupil bided their time until an opportunity arose where they led a riot and successful escape from the mine. Still deep within the Thornreld lands, Neh-tohon and Dolterall had to fight and sneak their way out over many months. These events helped Neh-tohon perfect his use of the psionic powers and prove himself to Dolterall.

Once outside of the Thornreld boundaries, they headed west to Dolterall’s monastery. Unfortunately, trouble had also befallen the monks, they found the monastery destroyed and void of living people. Neh-tohon was sure the elves did it but Dolterall kept trying to convince him otherwise. While investigating the devastation, they were able to find a set of magical monk cloth armor and magical ki implement. Dolterall gave them to Neh-tohon informing him that these items were given to initiates who proved themselves worthy and passed all their tests to become full members of his order. Amid the devastation, Doterall performed the ceremony dressing him in armor, presented the emerald flame ki implement, and lastly tattooing Neh-tohon’s left forearm with centered breath symbol.

After a few days they left for nearby town to seek out information about the attack on the monastery. As they were gathering information, Neh-tohon spotted the crime-lord in a large ornate carriage leaving the town. Despite his desire to help his mentor investigate the monastery, revenge was clouding his judgment. He also seeing the crime-lord reminded him of his parents, a topic he had blocked out for a long a time. Dolterall realized that he couldn’t persuade Neh-tohon to stay with him so he gave him his blessing and told him to seek him out in the south if he needed him. For months now Neh-tohon has been tracking the crime-lord from city to city and learning all he can about the man.


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