Heroes of New Canton

Protecting Judge Judith
Unless you are my lover or my son, you call me judge judith

The party arrived at The W_nchester without incident. While scoping out the place to find the most defensible position, the door opened and in came a ranger with his wolf. Just before we attacked him, Judge Judith walked in. We then learned that this ranger, Content Not Found: lucan and his wolf, Content Not Found: ulrich had been charged with escorting Judith from the court house to the inn. Shortly after they arrived, the inn was attacked by three different gangs. Fortunately, they didn’t all attack together.

The party neutralized the threat, and when done, Ruby came in, having helped outside the inn. She was disturbed that the attack came so quickly and is pretty sure that there is some leak in her network.

Judge Judith feels quite secure now since Constable Harken will be required to assign her protection, and if anything happens to her while under his assigned protection it will look very bad for him.

Ruby also informed us that Anderson Sharug has been kidnapped, so that is probably our most pressing concern.

Battle at the Thresher farm
Thresher farm

Following a lead from Semael, the adventurers staked out the Warren Thresher family farm. It had been converted into a way-station for Archon’s slave trade. Neh-tohon quietly infiltrated and captured a guard. Semael recognized the guard as Andrew Ryan, an acquaintance and New Canton guard, and is able to convince him to assist the adventurers in attacking the farm. Apparently, tunnels to the mine and to New Canton have been created under the direction of Narosh. Breaking up, Semael and Andrew Ryan created a distraction so Neh-tohon and Balint can try to capture and interrogate Narosh.

After a long, drawn-out, and nearly fatal battle with Narosh, local guards, and hired militia the adventurers are victorious but unfortunately are unable to discover any additional leads. They leave Narosh’s head on a pike to send a message to the slaving operation and return to New Canton.

Searching the Barrow

Following a lead from Balint, the three adventurers investigate a barrow-tomb rumored to contain an ancient relic of great evil and of interest to Archon.

After fighting off the undead infesting the tomb, our heroes discover a tomb of an old ruler. The noble’s head is missing and burn mark in the corpse’s chest suggests the relic has been removed.

First meeting with Ruby

Following the hanging of Warren Thrasher family Semael, Neh-tohon, and Balint were brought together by the mysterious Ruby. The three adventures learn of Archon’s slave trade and lust for greater power.


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