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  • Andrew Ryan

    Andrew Ryan is a guard in the justice system in New Canton. He tried to start a business, but has not had much luck. He couldn't afford the protection fees of the mob, so they "let" him work it off as a guard at the Thresher farm, which was a …

  • Ruby

    Ruby is currently an unknown entity. She brought the party together at her father's blacksmith shop. We haven't been able to find out much "about her.":http://new-canton.dreamwidth.org/779.html

  • Dolterall

    Dolterall is Neh-tohon's mentor and is a former slave. His history before the mines is unknown. Currently, Dolterall is investigating the destruction of the Centered Breath Monastery and order during his imprisonment.

  • Anderson Sharug

    Anderson Sharug is a new blacksmith in [[New Canton]]. So far, he's small enough that he's been able to fly under the radar of [[:archon]] and his lackeys and isn't paying any collections fess that we know of. [[:semael]] was able to negotiate a deal …

  • Judge Judith

    Judge Judith is a new judge in [[New Canton]] and hasn't yet learned that you don't mess with [[:archon]]. The party hopes to help her keep her fingers, job, life, and continue to pass judgement on Archon's lackeys.

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